Sunday, September 26, 2010

In Their Own Words

At Cabrini Connections, we have an online communications portal (SVHATS) which is used by students and volunteers to record every session. Students are asked, "What did you work on today?," "What are your goals for this week?,"What is your biggest challenge?," "What is your most recent accomplishment?," and, lastly, for students and volunteers, there is an open feedback field for questions or concerns. Two weeks into the 2010-2011 tutoring season, we have received many great comments. This is a sampling.

  • I had a great time with her. From the one evening that I had spent with her, I could tell that she is a wonderful person. She knows what she wants to do and is very goal oriented.
  • Really organized tonight, so much more so than last year. Seemed like all the speakers knew what was going on. Great start!
  • She seems really motivated to stay on track and I think this will be a great year!
  • I really enjoyed the session and am glad to be back. He was extra talkative tonight.
  • She is a great student and has a great head on her shoulders.
  • My mentee is dedicated and I am impressed with her effort to work on her assignments.
  • She seems like a great girl and I am looking forward to working with her!
  • Things are very well with my mentor he's really cool and have a lot of connections.
  • she's really great i like her!!!!!
  • I think that every thing is going great with my mentor. It could not get better.
  • Nate is the best. He is actually king Nate.. He is always there when i need him. i pretty much love nate.
  • shes listen to me i listen to her and shes gives me great advice i love my mentor
  • I really like my tutor. THE BEST.
  • I LOVE MY TUTOR.! :)

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