Friday, July 31, 2009

Six Flags Great America

Yesterday, EL, Chris, and I chaperoned Cabrini Connections' annual trip to Six Flags Great America. Almost 30 students with at least 75% attendance in our program during the third quarter of 2008-2009 were invited to attend. 15 were able to make it and we all had a great time!

I spent the bulk of my day with some familiar faces from our Tech Club: Savon Clark, Charles Hill, and Sean Mayfield. With a nice mix of clouds and sun, we were able to enjoy some great roller coasters (Raging Bull, American Eagle, and Viper) and two water rides (Roaring Rapids and Yankee Clipper). Joshua Vera joined our group, too, which was great because he has a working knowledge of the park. He's been coming for years and his mom even bought a season pass!

Later in the day I met up with the other group of boys: Marcus Burks, Gregory Hatchett, Charles Kilpatrick, Patrick Mitchell, and Josue Rosque. We walked around for awhile but by the time we were in line for Superman, it started raining. The boys discovered a great alternative (bumper cars), but, unfortunately, as soon as we sat down in the cars, rain started blowing onto the track. We had to give in after that.

Despite rain at the end of the day, all the students remained in high spirits. We got a good five hours in before bad weather and everyone got to ride their favorite attractions. The girls even took time out to play games and win prizes, including giant inflatable balls and stuffed animals (snakes to be exact).

We have incentives throughout the year to help keep our students motivated, from small things like juice to big trips like Six Flags. Trips like this provide a unique experience and help instill students' positive associations with our program. Thank you for supporting Cabrini Connections and all that we do, from big to small. Please consider making a donation in preparation for the upcoming school year. We know 2009-2010 will be a challenge financially, but we want to maintain our excellence here at Cabrini Connections. Help us reach our goal!

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