Monday, September 21, 2009

Volunteer Spotlight: Mandy Mullins

Mandy Mullins was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, and attended Western Kentucky University before moving to Chicago two years ago. Mandy received a Bachelor's Degree in Advertising from WKU which she now puts to use in her job as a graphic designer in the marketing department of Hinda Incentives. Hinda is one of the nation's leading specialists in motivating employees and sales forces, and providing incentives to dealers, distributors, and clients. For example, if you have ever earned points with your credit card, and spent those points on prizes (electronics, vacations, etc.), you may have been dealing with Hinda Incentives.

Mandy is entering her second year as a volunteer at Cabrini Connections. Since January, she has been matched with 9th grader Ce'lendria Tharpe. Mandy primarily helps Ce'lendria with homework, but they also talk about her social life. Ce'lendria is pretty open with Mandy, a trust which Mandy says she gained by opening up herself. This serves as a great example for new mentors. Always ask questions of your mentee, but don't be afraid to talk about yourself, too.

In her spare time, Mandy likes to play guitar, hang out with friends, and dance. She was on the dance team in high school, has taken tap, jazz, and ballet classes, and is currently in a ballroom dancing class. Mandy also likes college sports (Kentucky doesn't have a single professional sports team!). Her favorite team is the Louisville Cardinals.

Mandy isn't sure about her plans for the future, but she has the right attitude about it. "I'm confident that I can move anywhere and do anything," she says. "I like trying new things and I'm excited to do anything." In the near future, Mandy hopes to do some traveling. She has been to London and Istanbul but would love to see more of the world. One of her goals is to save up enough money to visit her former roommate who now lives in South Africa. You can do it!

Thank you, Mandy, for being a reliable, dedicated volunteer. We look forward to continued success from you and Ce'lendria.

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