Friday, October 2, 2009

Northwestern University College Visit

Last Friday, EL Da' Sheon and I escorted 10 students from Cabrini Connections to Northwestern University for a college visit! As part of our College Application Assistance Program - better known in our center as the College Zone - we offer free trips to Chicago-area colleges. In the past we have visited places like DePaul University, Illinois Institute of Technology, and Westwood College, however, this visit held special significance. I am the third NUPIP Fellow at Cabrini Connections; EL Da' Sheon went to Northwestern; and we have 12 mentors who are alumni of Northwestern. All of us cherish our time spent at NU, so it was an honor to share the Evanston Campus with prospective students from our program.

Our visit started at Allison Hall dining room where Sodexo food services was kind enough to allow us free entry! The environment was both exciting and overwhelming, with NU students everywhere and countless food options to choose from. Our students gradually got the hang of it, though, and soon their trays were piled high with fresh food.

We sat down to eat with students from Promote 360, a student group in the School of Education and Social Policy that empowers and supports minority students. It truly was a humbling moment to see so many of my friends turn out. Thank you for supporting what I do; and special thanks to my friend Candise Hill for organizing the P360 group, to ASG President Mike McGee for attending, and to Ms. Doris Timmen from Sodexo for welcoming us with open arms! Lunch was the highlight of our trip and it wouldn't have been possible without your fantastic hospitality.

After lunch, we headed to the Office of Undergraduate Admission for an information session and campus tour. We learned about the university, its six undergraduate schools, student life, the application process and financial aid. It was a beautiful day for a tour and our stroll took us through The Arch, by The Rock, and into Norris University Center.

It was great to be back on campus, but it was also great to see our students on campus. Some of them had never seen a college before. I heard of a few of them say things like, "this is so cool," or, "I want to go to college." It is one thing to exceed academically, but you also have to want to go to college. You have to think that it is fun. Well, our students definitely had fun last Friday. I know they want to go to college and we at Cabrini Connections expect them to go to college. I look forward to their admissions one day. I just wonder what colors they'll be wearing. Purple would sure look nice :)

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