Monday, December 7, 2009

Student Spotlight: Marquise Cook

7th grader Marquise Cook goes to Andersen Academy in Wicker Park. His favorite subject is science because it's hands-on, which makes it fun. He recently participated in an experiment with needles where he had to poke his own hand to explore sense of touch. Now that's how you get students to pay attention! His least favorite subject is math, which has become a priority for him and his mentor, James West, during Wednesday night tutoring sessions. Furthermore, Marquise is on two sports teams at Andersen; he plays middle linebacker for the football team and power forward for the basketball team.

In a couple years, it will be time for Marquise to enter high school. He has been on the A-B honor roll since Kindergarten so he should be on track to get into a good school. He would like to go to Whitney Young, Lane Tech, Walter Payton, or Schurz High School. Marquise says he cares about school because "it gets you a good life." Once he gets through school he says he wants to reach out to other kids like him that need an education. It takes leaders like Marquise to uplift a community and with that mind state he's well on his way to being a great one.

For college, Marquise would like to study engineering at Tuskegee University, a school some of his family members have attended. Marquise already knows a lot about college with the help of our College Zone. He has been on every college trip this fall. "I like them because you see what college life is like before you get there," he says. "You might not think you want to go somewhere, but you can find out about it." I'm glad you have enjoyed the visits, Marquise. Maybe you'll be the one showing us around some day!

In addition to coming on field trips, Marquise is a member of Video and Filmmakers Club, which meets on Monday night, and Tech Club, which meets on Tuesday night. He joined Video Club to make a movie, be in the movie, and present it to people. His favorite types of movies are horror, comedy, and, sometimes, "meaningful" films. In Tech Club, Marquise has worked on a Cabrini Connections video game and logos for our 2009 Holiday Fund. In fact, his work (below) is featured on the outside of the mailing envelope! He says he likes technology because it's come so far. "A little thing can become so big," he says. "In 50 years, everything will be automatic." Well, let's hope we can at least keep creativity like yours, Marquise. Great job!

Marquise has lived in Cabrini Green his whole life. He likes Chicago because the seasons change; you get a little bit of everything. He dreams of living in a big condominium in downtown Chicago and traveling to a tropical place to get a break. He also dreams of owning his own business because he wants to be his own boss. The holiday season kicked off well for Marquise with two Thanksgiving meals. His favorite part was mac 'n' cheese with dressing and cranberry sauce. Now he's looking forward to Christmas and New Year's Day. His resolutions for 2010 are: ignore ignorance, do well in math, and "stay on the top." Good luck, Marquise! I know you'll have a great year.

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