Sunday, April 4, 2010

Say a Prayer

As Easter Sunday comes to a close, say a prayer for Chicago.

My colleague Mike Trakan is writing about the recent violence on his blog.
... no one I know maps the crime data in relation to indicators of "at-risk" behavior, like poverty and poorly-performing schools... potential predictors of anger, gangs, and future violence.

It also seems that few news sources direct concerned residents to groups and community assets near the crime... places that are specifically working to make sure kids who see this violence from their front window today become future leaders, instead of new tax-payer burdens on our economy later...

By the way, while you're looking at the map, note there are virtually no mentor programs near the shootings.
To help make sense of his and learn more about the issues, visit Tutor/Mentor Exchange for reports, strategies, and links to useful information. Think about how you and people in your network can support tutor/mentor programs and other resources that help educate - and simply save - our young people. Thank you.

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