Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Student Spotlight: Jordan Stephens

First year (first month!) student Jordan Stephens has already established himself as an excellent addition to the Cabrini Connections family. Jordan, who attends tutoring on Wednesday nights after switching from Thursday, has joined two clubs (Art and Tech), is on time to all activities, and has not missed an SVHATS entry (5-for-5). His mentor, Sundi Brewer-Griffin, who Jordan met last week, is a graduate of Northwestern University who intends to help him with math and reading.

Jordan’s favorite subject is science because of its breadth. “There are lots of things you can do,” he says. “You can dissect a frog, or you can learn how the earth warms.” Jordan is in the 7th grade at Walt Disney Magnet School. He is working hard to get into a good high school like Whitney Young, Lane Tech, or Walter Payton. Though, he does acknowledge being nervous about the transition. “It won’t be the same,” he says. “New friends, new hours, new everything!”

While Jordan has intrinsic motivation to do well in school, he also knows he will get a reward if he makes the honor roll this fall. What will he get with his prize money? A new video game! Jordan loves to play Xbox 360 and he has his eyes set on BioShock: Infinite. He loves all technology, especially computers, which is why he joined the Tech Club. They are currently programming a video game about Cabrini Connections. Meanwhile, in Art Club, he made a silkscreen t-shirt this week (see picture)! Special thanks to Candie Cooper for donating supplies.

When Jordan grows up, he would like to be a chef, a football player, or a writer. He hopes to experience all of these fields in college. He has a good example in Sundi who played defensive back for the Northwestern Wildcats. And for cooking, he has his mom. “I look at my mom in the kitchen and I just want to learn it,” he says. “My mom is everything,” he continues. “She is very special to me.”

Jordan has seven older siblings – four sisters and three brothers – and he will turn 13 in January. Welcome to Cabrini Connections! Have a good year!

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