Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Student Spotlight: Andrion Rutledge

Andrion Rutledge attends Lincoln Elementary School where he is in the 7th grade. His favorite subject is math and his least favorite subject is French, however, he does appreciate that Lincoln requires students to take foreign language classes. (I didn’t take my first foreign language class until the 9th grade.)

At school, Andrion plays shooting guard for the basketball team. Basketball is his favorite activity and he dreams of one day becoming an NBA star. His favorite team is the Chicago Bulls.

In two years, Andrion will start high school, which means next fall he will begin the high school admissions process. He would like to go to Jones College Prep, Whitney M. Young Magnet High School, or Lincoln Park High School. At LPHS, he would like to be in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program or the Double Honors/Advanced Placement Program.

After high school, it will be time for college. Andrion likes Duke, USC, or Miami, but overall he isn’t too concerned about where he’ll go or what he’ll study. “I’ll figure something out,” he says calmly but confidently. I trust you will find your way.

In his spare time, Andrion likes to do what most 7th graders like to do: watch movies and television, play video games, and hang out with his friends. His favorite show is Family Guy and his favorite place to hang out is downtown Chicago. He says, “It is way better than Georgia’s downtown.”

Andrion visits his aunt in Georgia every summer. She actually took him on vacation with her one time to the Dominican Republic, which is as far away from home as he has ever been. He says the weather is nice, but the food is weird. “The only good food was the American food.”

One day Andrion hopes to visit Paris. Since he is studying French in school, he would like to see what it’s like there; and it’s a real possibility. His school goes on an 8th grade trip each year. Last year they went to Canada, but two years ago they went to Paris and Morocco.

Andrion heard about Cabrini Connections through his best friend, Nehemiah Mitchell, who, along with his two older siblings, Imann and Pat, is in the program. Ms. Mitchell has long been an advocate for Cabrini Connections (She spoke at our Year-End Dinner), so it was only natural that she invited Nehemiah to sign up. It has worked out well. Andrion works with Frank Roberts on Wednesday nights.

He says, “I’m glad I got Frank as my tutor because science was my worst subject academically.” Frank is really good at science and they have already been able to see improvements. The science fair is this week and Andrion feels very confident about his project. Good luck!

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