Friday, February 4, 2011

Council plans Talent Show, serves mentors

On December 16th, the Youth Leadership Council met for the last time in 2010 to decide on a group assignment for winter quarter. Each quarter, the Council is expected to complete one group assignment and each member is expected to complete one individual assignment. After debating several options, the decision came down to a lock-in or a talent show. The group decided to go with a talent show because, given our financial situation, they felt it would be helpful if their assignment had a fundraising element. The lock-in will most likely be saved for spring or summer as a celebration of the year.

On January 13th, the Council met for the first time in 2011 to begin plans for the talent show. They were joined by Thursday night student Nazarah Bilal, who expressed interest in planning a talent show, and her mother, Gina Ercoli, who has experience with fundraising and event planning. After discussing many elements of the show - location, date, audio/video needs, catering, ticket sales - it was decided that their first step would be to assess whether any students would actually participate in a talent show. So they came up with a sign-up sheet and made an announcement that night, but it wasn't just any other announcement (see video above).

On January 27th, the Council met to continue planning for the talent show and a special recognition project for mentors. During the week of January 24th, all students, led by Council members, served dinner to their mentors during sessions! This was the culmination of National Mentoring Month during which we have had a couple students stand up each week to thank their mentors and all of the other mentors. It was a great surprise much appreciated by the (hungry) volunteers.

With about 10 students interested so far, the Council decided to extend the sign-up deadline for the talent show another two weeks. At their next meeting, they will decide on a location and date and begin serious planning for the event. If you would like to contribute your talents - as a performer or a volunteer - please let me know and I will put you in touch with the committee.

In the meantime, their individual assignment is to "take over" student and volunteer spotlights for the month of February. During each session, a different Council member will meet a student and a volunteer who they do not know and then introduce them to the group during announcements when we regularly do spotlights. We always talk about being one big family and using the room to your advantage, so the Council hopes to set a good example for other students looking to meet new people.

That's all (that's a lot!) for now. Stay tuned for more updates.

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