Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Cabrini's Got Talent" for real!

Thank you to all of the performers and audience members who came out to the first ever Cabrini Connections Talent Show presented by the Youth Leadership Council on Saturday. All six members of the council worked the entire quarter to make their dream of this show a reality and it paid off... literally! $115.50 was raised from 32 attendees and will go towards the Council's next event (TBA).

After all of the performances were done, we had everyone vote on their top three and we said that the "winners" would be invited to perform at the Year-End Dinner. No one knew this beforehand or during the show because we didn't want it to feel like a competition.

The top three students are:
  1. Marquita Fisher & Dominique Curtis (poem)
  2. Mylana Williams (singing)
  3. Ana Tate (singing)
We would also like to invite Gabe Chapman (guitar) who was the highest vote-getter among the volunteers who performed. You can see all five of these performers live at the Year-End Dinner on Thursday, June 9th, at Cornerstone (1111 N Wells St).


  1. I really enjoyed this event. I look at the talent of our teens and the commitment of our volunteers and I see much reason to keep investing in Cabrini Connections for the future.

  2. The Youth Leadership Council rocks. I didn't know they put this whole show together. I'm very impressed. And the performers were all tremendous. A great character builder. Let's do it again!