Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Student Spotlight: Jerman Beathea

8th grader Jerman Beathea was born in Cabrini Green and lives there now, but in between, he moved around a lot. Jerman has lived on the west side of Chicago, on the south side twice, and in Minnesota for two years! If you think Chicago’s cold, Minnesota is worse. Jerman says it was fun at times, but mostly he’s glad to be back in Chi-town.

He is the youngest of four siblings. He has two brothers and one sister. Jerman was a troublemaker when he was younger – swearing and fighting at the age of 7 – but he has matured over the past seven years. He is much more mature and focused now.

Jerman attends Jenner Elementary Academy of the Arts. His favorite subjects are reading, writing, and social studies. He says Jenner is a good school and he has learned more than he expected to when he first got there. He plays football and basketball, with football being his favorite. He plays wide receiver and linebacker and has dreams of playing college football one day, and he is already beginning to understand the pressures of being a student athlete. He has had to take time off from the team to improve his grades and stay after school to get extra help.

Next year, Jerman will attend Lincoln Park High School. He is excited about going to a new school where he knows a lot of people already. One of those people is Dionte Herron who, along with De’Jour Stewart, recruited Jerman to Cabrini Connections.

Jerman is in his first year with the program and works with Jay Kenney, also in his first year, on Wednesday nights. Jerman says, “It has been excellent” so far and Jay is a good mentor because “he pushes hard, but not too hard.” Their subject of focus during most tutoring sessions is math. Jerman recently took advantage of multiple Career Week trips. He visited Evanston Hospital and Whole Foods Market on Day 2 of Career Week and the American College of Surgeons and DePaul University on Day 3. Jerman attended the most trips of any student by far, so we commend him for participating so much!

As an adult, Jerman dreams of working in the construction or real estate businesses. His stepdad owns a construction company and has given him many opportunities already to get work experience. At the age of 11, Jerman was learning how to remove carpeting and put down tiles. He has also done roofing.

Jerman wants to stay around Chicago, but he does like to travel. He has been to California, Georgia, and Alaska, among other states. In Los Angeles he went to a Lakers game and he predicts the Lakers will face off against the Bulls in this year’s NBA Finals. Who does he think will win? You’ll have to ask him to find out.

Congratulations on making the spotlight Jerman! Good luck with your transition to high school.

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