Monday, May 3, 2010

Volunteer Spotlight: Kasey Brink

Kasey Brink is a Wednesday night Volunteer Coordinator at Cabrini Connections. This is her first year in the role, but she was previously involved with us as leader of Tech Club. She likes her new position because, “As volunteer coordinator, you get to know a lot of people, not just 1 or 2 or 5 students in a club.” But that doesn’t mean she’s still not involved in a club!

Kasey recently started Dance Club which meets on Saturdays from 10am to 12pm. She was a gymnast when she was younger and she has learned ballet, jazz, hip hop, and tap, which she now teaches to our youth. At present, they are practicing dance moves from music videos by artists like Ciara. Dance Club will be performing at the Year-End Dinner and meeting weekly over the summer. If you’d like to get involved, talk to Kasey!

Kasey grew up west of Chicago in Sycamore, Illinois. She has an older brother who likes extreme sports and her dad skydives! In fact, Kasey has gone skydiving herself, several times, in tandem. Though it may seem like the scariest thing you could possibly do, Kasey insists, “You don’t feel like you’re falling.” She says, “It is even less rush than a roller coaster.” Kasey loves trying new things. She and her best friend always do something new on each other’s birthdays.

In 2008, Kasey graduated from Roosevelt University. Roosevelt is a small, private university in downtown Chicago. She lived in the University Center on State Street, a residence hall for students from Roosevelt, Columbia College, and DePaul University, so she got to meet an array of different people. “There was nice diversity,” she says, “both in the people and what fields they were going into.”

Kasey did a lot for the Class of 2008. She was involved in a lot of clubs because, at a small university with not many students, they were easy to get into. She started a sorority that went national; she helped start intramural sports; and she helped start student government, which had been suspended since the 80s. Wow!

Right now, Kasey’s main goal is to get back to school. She was on a pre-med track as a biology major in college and currently she is applying to graduate schools in the field of neuroscience. She wants to study nerves of the brain and functions of the central nervous system. Specifically, she wants to work with glial cells, part of the brain that’s been ignored, but, based on recent discoveries, could be very significant.

Good luck with applications, Kasey. Remember, the College Zone is here if you need it ;-)

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  1. Gee. I grew up in Sycamore, too. Probably about 35 years before Kasey did. Small world. Thanks for joining us Kasey. Let's share stories about the Sycamore Spartans. Dan