Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Student Spotlight: Kierre Halbert

Kierre Halbert is a 7th grader at James B. McPherson School. His favorite subjects are math and social studies because he gets good grades in those classes. After graduating from elementary school in 2011, Kierre would like to attend Walter Payton College Prep, Amundsen High School, or Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center.

Kierre is a native Chicagoan who currently resides in Cabrini Green. He loves Chicago (one of his favorite events is Bike the Drive), but if he were to live anywhere else, it would be Atlanta, New York, or Toronto, Canada. He has already visited Florida, Washington, D.C., and Las Vegas, and if he could go anywhere in the world it would be Tokyo, Japan. I think Kierre is going to collect a lot of frequent flyer miles in his future!

This is Kierre's first year at Cabrini Connections and, like his cousin, NyShanell Freeman, he has already established himself as a model student. He does an exit and entry page in SVHATS every time he comes to our center which has earned him a Top 5 spot on our leader board. He attends tutoring on Thursday night with his mentor Alex James who is also in his first year. They primarily work on math, spelling, and science. Kierre says, "he's great!"

Kierre is not here just one night of the week, though. He comes on Monday for Video and Filmmakers Club and on Tuesday for Tech Club. He joined Video Club to learn about directing movies so that one day he can make his own comedy film. In Tech Club he learns to animate graphics and design logos. Right now club members are designing a logo for Cabrini Connections' holiday mailing. Here is one of Kierre's mockups:

When Kierre grows up he would like to be an engineer, a photographer, or a movie director. In college he would like to study technology and science as an engineer, hopefully at Columbia College or Clark Atlanta University. Kierre has been on all three college visits this quarter, so he's starting to get a good sense of what college is like. For now he's just enjoying life as a 13-year-old. #1 on his wish list for the holidays is an Xbox 360. Maybe if Santa reads this spotlight, he'll grant your wish! Thanks, Kierre, for taking advantage of everything we have to offer!

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