Sunday, November 15, 2009

Four part strategy

We have four days left until the 2009 November Tutor/Mentor Leadership and Networking Conference. The mission of the Tutor/Mentor Connection is to provide an organized framework that empowers and encourages adult volunteers to contribute their time, effort, ideas and advocacy toward creating life-changing solutions for children in educationally and economically disadvantaged areas. This mission is accomplished through a four part strategy:
  1. Collect knowledge from key stakeholders about volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs: how programs succeed, where programs are located, and where more programs and resources are needed.
  2. Aggressively share this knowledge through marketing and public awareness campaigns, capitalizing on the Internet as a chief vehicle of communication.
  3. Strengthen involvement of community and industry leaders to increase essential resources to tutor/mentor programs.
  4. Facilitate understanding and collaboration among stakeholders to develop the long-term, integrated actions needed to help youths move from birth in poverty to a job or career by age 25.

We will do all of these things at next week's conference. You can view a concept map of this strategy here. For more details on the conference and to register, visit or call 312-492-9614. Thank you.

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