Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cabrini Madness

In anticipation of college basketball tournament season, Cabrini Connections is starting its own tournament. Each team consists of volunteers, students, staff, etc. and will compete to raise the most money before the championship game on April 5th. 13 teams have already formed to compete on our GiveForward online fundraising page.

Once the Division I Men's Basketball Tournament starts in March, we will make our cuts at the same times they do. Our top eight will advance after the Sweet 16 round; our top four will advance after the Elite 8 round; our top two will advance after the Final Four; and our top fundraising team will be chosen at midnight on the night of the National Championship Game.

A few weeks ago, I was recruited by veteran volunteer Charlie Megan to join "The Green Team" - helping raise green for Cabrini Green. We had our first team meeting last night and, as you can see above, we have a pretty deep roster. You can see our full roster, logo, and team description on our GiveForward page. I would appreciate your support as we try to take the title and raise some much-needed funds for Cabrini Connections. If 20 people who read this each donate $5, there's $100 right there! Every little bit helps. Thanks so much!

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