Monday, February 1, 2010

Student Spotlight: Amari Roby

7th grader Amari Roby attends Newberry Academy in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago. Her favorite subjects are “math, social studies, writing… all of them!” Right now her biggest assignment is a project for the history fair. She chose to research Rosa Parks in recognition of Black History Month. “She was a brave woman,” says Amari.

After elementary school, Amari would like to attend Holy Trinity High School, a co-educational, Catholic high school on the Near-North Side. She is most intrigued by their requirement to wear uniforms. “I like trying new things,” says Amari. She recently learned how to ride a bike and how to dance.

For post-secondary school, Amari would like to stay in Chicago and go to Robert Morris University or Malcolm X College. She wants to become a pediatrician and/or an actress. “I love working with children,” says Amari. “I want to help other kids who are sick.” If she becomes an actress, she’s prepared to take on any role – horror, comedy, romance, anything. One of her favorite movies, Be Cool, is about a girl who wants to become a singer. She sings but the world doesn’t hear her. Amari’s dream is to “make everyone know me and see who I am.” Being featured in the spotlight is a good start!

Amari has two sisters and three brothers. She heard about Cabrini Connections through her sister, Ashaunti Roby, a three-year veteran of the program. Amari works with Brittney Swan on Thursday nights. “I really like her,” says Amari. “We had a connection when we first met… She helps me with my homework and we have fun going shopping.” They recently spent a day at Harold Washington Library Center and on State Street. Amari loves downtown. “It’s really big down there.”

Eventually, Amari might move to Los Angeles or Las Vegas, but for now she is happy in Chicago. She looks forward to summertime when she will celebrate her 13th birthday on June 23rd. We look forward to it as well, and to many successful years at Cabrini Connections. Thanks for joining us, Amari!

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