Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Student Spotlight: LaKeithia Davis

LaKeithia Davis is in just her third month at Cabrini Connections, but she already stands out as a marvelous mentee. She has great attendance; she communicates well; and she always does her SVHATS. Even though her first visit to our program was kind of a setup (Her mom told her it was something else), she loves it. Her mentor is three-year-veteran Frances Kwee who she works with on Thursday nights. She says Francis gives good advice and knows when she needs help, even when she’s afraid to ask for it.

Unfortunately for us (good for her!), Frances has accepted a new job on the West coast and will be moving out of Chicago soon. Hopefully she and LaKeithia will stay connected for years to come, but for now the search is on for a new mentor. LaKeithia is looking for someone who is nice, outgoing, and older.

At North Lawndale College Prep, where LaKeithia is in 10th grade, her favorite subject is math (Honors Algebra 2 with Trigonometry to be specific). She does not struggle in one area in particular. She says if she puts her mind to it, she can do anything, so she just needs a mentor who is an all-around good student.

When LaKeithia grows up, she wants to be an obstetrician (a doctor who delivers babies) because she loves kids and, “the best part is, you get to give them back.” She would like to attend University of California, Berkeley or Brown University to begin a pre-medical school track. Another college goal for LaKeithia is to study abroad. She wants to go in Paris.

LaKeithia has always lived in Chicago but she looks forward to moving one day; either down South or to the East coast. Currently, she lives on the west side and she has three big brothers. She says it is great to be the youngest, but because she is the only girl, her brothers can be very protective.

Lastly, LaKeithia’s tips for incoming high school students are: keep your head up, try your best, and don’t give up. Those are good maxims to live by. Thank you for sharing!

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