Monday, May 17, 2010

Student Spotlight: Patricia Williams

Wednesday night mentee Patricia Williams is a 7th grader at Jenner Elementary Academy of the Arts. She comes to Cabrini Connections to get help with her schoolwork, improve her grades, and make friends. She heard about our program through her older sister, Dominique Dobbs, who graduated last year. Her younger sister, Olivia Williams, attends now, also on Wednesday nights.

Patricia’s mentor is Christine Nielsen, who used to work with Dominique. She says Christine likes talking to her and helping her with reading. In fact, reading has become one of Patricia’s favorite subjects in school, along with art. She likes to draw and create and she looks forward to taking more art classes in high school – hopefully Lincoln Park High School.

Her least favorite subject is math, but she plans to get better with the help of flashcards. Eventually, she wants to study science in college and become a teacher when she grows up. She wants to teach pre-school because she likes little kids. She says, “They are nice [and] they always talk to you.”

Patricia has lived in Chicago all her life and she doesn’t plan to move any time soon. She may go to Las Vegas to visit her older sister, but ultimately she is happy here. “It doesn’t rain much,” she says simply (and ironically as the day’s forecast shows rain). In her free time she likes to play outside and hang out with friends, and she loves her family members because they are nice and funny.

Patricia is a happy girl with a bright future who we hope to watch learn and grow and mature over the next five years. Good luck to you!

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